Andy WhitlatchCinematographer / DPDirector of PhotographyDirector of PhotographyDirector of PhotographyCamera Operator is an NYC based DP. He has worked in over 10 different countries shooting documentaries, commercials and features.Andy Whitlatch is an NYC based Director of Photography. His passion for image making started at an early age developing 35 mm film in the dark room. He has worked in over 10 different countries shooting documentaries and commercials. Some of his credits include "Writer's Block", a Film Shortage Daily Short Pick and an official selection in over 10 festivals including New York Short Film Festival and Seneca Film Festival. His work appears on The Atlantic, Amazon Prime and Netflix. www.andywhitlatch.comLocal 600 Member, Drone Certified, All Digital Cameras, 16 mm, Super 8 mmFilm Crew DatabaseBrad Hasse,Dylan Robertson,Andrew David WatsonPudding Boy Productions,Radiant Pictures,Picture Farm
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Andy Whitlatch