James StierCamera OperatorCinematographerCamera OperatorFilmmakerhttps://www.filmcrewdb.com/wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember/863/profile_photo-190x190.jpg?1603989914Hey, I'm James, a camera operator and documentary filmmaker based in the North, working in London, Cornwall and throughout the UK.My camera work has a strong photographic style inspired by Magnum photojournalists and reportage photography. As a keen student of cinematic language, I consider lighting, empathy and emotion in my compositions, alongside the technical considerations. I develop an intuitive feel for the action based on timing and movement. I have worked on three feature documentaries, and shoot commercial, factual and online content for brands, agencies and production companies. My work blurs the line between observational and controlled styles of filmmaking; resulting in organic performances and cinematic production values which enhance emotions, story and connection. The latest feature received a small theatrical release after success on the international festival circuit and featured on the BBC. This year I concluded production on a third feature shot on the Red Scarlet-W system. I became Arri camera certified in 2019, hold a Creative Industries Safety Passport and was trained by the RAF to work in hazardous environments. Whether it's operating or assisting - I aspire to build a connection with the audience. That tingle, we all get when a moment resonates with us; whether it's expressed as an adrenaline-fuelled chest-bump, a cascade of goosebumps, a barrel roar of laughter or a simple smile. Connection is key.An experienced operator on Arri, Red, Canon & Sony cameras Arri S35mm & LF Camera Systems Certified in 2019 Skilled at lighting with HMI, LED, Tungsten & Fluorescent lighting Creative Industries Safety Passport via IOSH and BECTU Defence School of Photograph training completed at RAF Cosford - Filming in extreme / hazardous environments Interview, multi-cam, studio, beauty and staged action lighting - with HMI, LED, Tungsten & Fluorescent lighting Full/clean UK license & ROSPA advanced driverFilm Crew DatabaseJames Copson,Matt Page,James StierAnattic,Anattic,Ronin
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James Stier