Leo HynesCinematographer / DPDirector of PhotographyDirector of PhotographyDirector of PhotographyCamera Operatorhttps://www.filmcrewdb.com/wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember/860/profile_photo-190x190.jpg?1603987567Vancouver-based Cinematographer from Ireland with over 7 years experience working in high-end Commercial and TV production.I'm a Vancouver based filmmaker, born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, who has learned his craft working all over the world as a Director of Photography shooting commercials, TV shows and documentaries. With a background in editing and directing, Leo is well-versed in many aspects of production allowing him to efficiently and effectively deliver powerful results. Experienced Editor, Adobe Premiere, Advanced Colourist, Davinci ResolveFilm Crew DatabaseJon Flahr & Benjamin Schuetze,Robin Murray,Robin MurrayNoravera Visuals,Nomos Productions,Nomos Productions
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Leo Hynes