Tzvi ShermanSound EditorDialogue EditorSupervising Sound EditorAssistant Sound EditorADR EditorADR MixerADR RecordistRe-Recording Mixer based sound editor, designer, and re-recording mixerWith over fifteen years of experience editing in Pro Tools, my passion for sound initially started in high school, where I mixed and mastered both my own music and freelance work. From there, the enjoyment of manipulating the sonic experience brought me to post production audio for film and television while attending Columbia University in New York City. I enjoy the creativity that sound design encourages: everything from heightening tension and atmosphere to sharpening the seemingly mundane through nuanced Foley and calculated dialogue editing. Continuing from those music roots, I welcome the challenge that rerecording mixing poses - striking the balance between audible dialogue, poignant musical hits, and refined sound effects. Additionally, I have experience running ADR sessions and Source Connect, making sure the talent is comfortable and confident in their performances. I've also run Foley sessions followed by editing the recorded cues afterwards for easy import.5.1 Surround Sound, Pro Tools Ultimate, iZotope RX 7 Advanced, Avid mix console, SoundMinerFilm Crew DatabaseDiane Paragas,Michael Beach Nichols,Chris SmithCivilian Studios,No Weather Productions,Library Films and Vice Studios
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Tzvi Sherman